Ryan McGinley

Through my usual browsing that I sit here and do every night I stumbled upon photographer Ryan McGinley, to those of you that know and like his work will have probably already seen these but I personally haven't before and seriously love his work. I've looked in particular at his set of images called Moonmilk, which are just simply amazing. Have a look for yourself! I'm in love with the bizaare yet beautiful colouring that you wouldn't normally expect in these landscapes. These would look great as prints on fabric.


hello my name is sophie davidson said...

ryan mcginley is my favourite photographer
look on his website :)
and i don't know if the exhibitions still open but if it is its just off oxford street and go! if you live near london anyway

Ash Fox said...

love these images. he is a good one. i like these more abstract landscape like pieces over his figurative work.

gorgeous blog.




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