UCA Fanzine Fair


Sorry for slight lack of posting over the past few days - they've been busy ones what with the zine fair and then my birthday over the weekend and now getting everything ready for Christmas! The zine fair went so well and I really didn't expect as big a success as I got with my things! They somehow sold out within the first half an hour, and I was quite upset with myself that I didn't make more because people kept asking about it! So because the whole thing went so well with everyone else too we're doing the sale again in the new year and I can make more to sell then! I'm getting increasingly excited about Christmas now, and I just want the day to come! Impatience is rolling in. Oh and there I am on the right, looking nice and cheerful. :)


Lilee said...

so beautiful!

lauren may said...

it all looks so lovely.
how i wish i could have seen it.
dang australia!

Monika Dubska said...

Waw ! What are you selling cards & that? Maybe I could buy some :P

Monika Dubska said...

P.S There is a blog award waiting for you on my page!

Well done
Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Of course your stuff sold in the first half hour! Why wouldn't it?! ha, I love this blog and all it's lovely images. :)

charlotte lucy said...

well done :)

happy christmas


Frida said...

Darling, if you're doing more, then I really hope you'll do one for me. Unfortionally I can't come, but perhaps you could send me one? Please?

Lauren said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! Frida I can possibly do that if you would like me to, I haven't made any more of them as yet but when I get back to college I'll see what I can do. :) x

Frida said...

I keep my fingers krossed! x

hannah said...

which UCA are you at?!?! i went to epsom last year and i'm probably heading back this year to do fashion promotion wooo xxx

Lauren said...

I've been at the UCA in Canterbury for the past two years doing a BTEC in Art and Design (instead of doing a levels and its like a foundation in the second year). that's cool! UCAs been so goood, can't believe I'm leaving soon! xxx


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