I think it's pretty safe of me to say that I'm really exhausting myself lately with working, I'm pretty much doing it all day at college and then every night that I can after college, and I'm really starting to get tired! I'm enjoying it but I'm not even really that pleased with what I've done, roll on the next project! Sorry this is a bit of a moany one, I think I need to get to bed and get an early(ish) night for once... Hope everyone is well. x


Jane said...

this is how I will be feeling soon, when college starts again

at least it's inspiring to know others are feeling like this too but still are doing their best and not giving up :)

Lou Murphy said...

Hi, I started following your blog through flickr. I work full time and do college one night a week and art whenever I can, so I know how you feel! If it's any consolation, I really like this piece!

Anonymous said...
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Lauren said...

Thanks for the nice comments! But yeah, I do this alot to myself anyway it just comes and goes, I think it's to be expected really. x


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