my horoscopes keep being strangely accurate

so as the title states... yeah! I was up in London again today and was on my way to Spitalfields/Brick Lane just to wander about... and I bump into an old friend who moved up to London back in September just while we were both waiting for the tube? So we had a little catch up and I went to sit in her shop with her and we ate lots of nice sushi and talked about university and interviews. I found this all very funny though because I have this little daily horoscope checker on my phone which I just got as a bit of fun... and today's horoscope on it said this - "Expect a suprise encounter with someone you haven't seen in a long time. You'll spend some time reminiscing and catching up." weird huh? Something I never expected to happen to me today considering I was in London. It's probably just a coincidence but it's fun to be superstitious isn't it. I met my dad afterwards for a bit as he works just round the corner from there and I told him about this, he listened to me, and then said that it's the lottery tomorrow and asked me to give him some numbers just in case I'm lucky at the moment and I pick a winning selection! He's very strange. What a good day though. I also went to the curve at the Barbican centre and there was a really great exhibition on with birds that were set free to fly around in there, and set up electric guitars so that when the birds were landing on them they would be playing little musical tunes. Sadly I couldn't take any pictures, so instead I did some really quick drawings as I didn't want to be a pain getting in the way of peoples fun. It was honestly hilarious though, I swear some of the birds actually knew how to play the guitar... I tried learning how to play it once and I probably couldn't even play as well as these birds were. Ha! It really uplifted my mood to go and see that, so here is a video of it so you can all enjoy it too.


I don't really like drawing in biro but I hadn't brought my good pencil with me. :(


Laura Loo said...

that's bizarro and totally rad!!

Laura Loo said...
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