new observational drawings

and a nice song from the 'Into the Wild' soundtrack for you. Taking tips from Olivier Kugler and drawing my hands, he was right - it's fun! The first sketchbook image is from the train journey on the way back from the Crufts dog show. The last two are from when I went to the Kennel Club in London last thursday and the exhibition they had on there was so strange! It was all about the French Bulldog breed and they had all kinds of collected items there, ranging from lamps (they were my favourite), to cigarette holders, to doorbells. Still need to get my photos developed but I've just been so busy so I'll be getting on that as soon as I can.





anne said...

I love the last sketch, its looks kind of creepy but cute at the same time!

Lauren said...

thankyou! it's my favourite as well. yeah - i drew it from some creepy old dog childrens toy they had there... can't really imagine playing with it as a child

Anonymous said...

eee-you're a lucky person!
love into the wild,ma favee
do you like angus and julia stone? they have beautiful videos and you seem to like music videos + girls-lust for life

kimvee said...

aww what a cute collar ;)


Jasmin said...

Absolutely adore the moleskine sketches <3



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