what type of people do you think read your blog? what type of people do you want to read your blog?

I reckon it's mostly girls that would read my blog as I've been told before that my works pretty feminine... it's hard to judge what 'type' of people read my blog but I guess it would just be anyone interested in art/fashion/photography as a broad way to put it. I wouldn't want any one 'type' of person I don't really plan what kind of people I want to read my blog I just post what I like and what I do and if you like to read it then that's really good and if you don't then that's fine too!


Hat said...

did you just comment on sophie davidson's fb status? I thought I recognised the name haha! x

Lauren said...

i did yes! hahaha

Hat said...

haha lavly! I was the Harriet Jane Holroyd Doveton as you probably could guess...gawd my name sounds so pretentious when I type it out! x

Lauren said...

Ahh yes I thought you might be! hahaha nahh it doesn't, couldn't sound as confused as my name does anyway! x

Shukura Li said...

Yeah just found your blog and i really love it

for it its becuase your so creative and you have gr8 photographs

and u have the olympus om!! i jus got my manual adapter the other days =)



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