olympus trip 35

Hadn't drawn one of my cameras in a while and my trip 35 is definitely my favourite. The red envelope is my lucky pouch from singapore, I’ve had it in my pillow for years now, it has a little turquoise stone inside it which is my birthstone, I’m not sure how effective it is on luck but I’m superstitious so I keep it there.


Artpixie said...

amagzzzzz i love this post.
your images are stunning, flawless, beautiful etc.

anyway just wanted to stop by and say that i love you and your blog.


Lauren said...

:) Thankyou so much! xx

lauren carney said...

oh oh oh
lady lozza,
your artwork is sooooo amazing!
all your creations are so grand.
i loved every picture that was posted!
thanks for sharing <3


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