i've finished college!

and i'm actually quite sad because i love college. aww

dog on a beachball

sneak peek of my exhibition space at my final show.

If you live in Kent and near the Canterbury area why don't you come to it! There's lots of really really great stuff up. My friend Jacqui made all the posters etc. to advertise the event - http://jbgreenpea.blogspot.com/


Marthe said...

Your work looks great!

What are you going to do now?

Rachel said...

That looks amazing.. I must amble along and take a shifty...

Lauren said...

You should! And thankyou! At the moment I'm having a little rest because I've overworked myself the past week.. but then after that I'm hopefully doing a zine fair which I will post about nearer to the event :)

loucieee said...

Congratulations, dear! You're bound to enter another portal in life. Good luck. :)

Jane said...

I would come if I lived there!

danielleyc said...

Your exhibition looks really exciting :)
I'd love to see more :)


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