sailor neptune
because I've been avoiding it for so long I thought I'd finally get round to drawing people and faces again, and as I've been avoiding it for so long I'm finding it quite difficult so really I'm in dire need of practice! Here are two that I've done so far, starting myself off with laaadies because I find them easier.


Shukura Li said...

you find it easier to draw ladies
i find it easier to photograph ladies...what with that?
the last one.. i loove how it is composed esp the way u mixed your drawings with the photograph of the mountains i love the collagey effect its sooo creative

..and i love the orange part on her top..is it her belt =s whatever it looks nice... and i like how theres colour only in certain places...
Dont worry thats what happens when we ake a break from something for too long, keep practicing and you will pick it up quick again


Lauren said...

thankyou :) and yeah i hope so! x

lauh-ren said...

i like yr style. i hardly ever draw boys' faces. last semester i took rendering the human head and had to draw 200 heads. i think 190 of them were girls, haha.

Monika Dubska said...

ahh lauren they lost i know but didnt know they were out ffs! hahahhaa

also the second peice is my favourite picture you have made so far on here!!!!

Alex said...

nice one lauren. yeah that second one is sweet

I cant draw faces but I do anyway :)

Jen said...

Your work is in my blog post today.:)

Maria-Inés said...

emerald hair!


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