pocky is the best

Today i went up to London, but sadly I didn't get to go to Lazy Oaf's drawing club which I'm really upset that I missed, so I'm hoping that there'll be something very similar going on when I actually move up there - which is 5 weeks away now! I did take a trip to china town though, where of course I had to buy my favourite childhood snack - pocky! Which I've gotta say is my favourite piece of food packaging so I thought I'd scan it in after I very quickly ate the contents!


Marthe said...

Too bad you missed the drawing club! You'll definitely find something similar again, I'm sure:) London is full of interesting opportunities!

I'm actually moving here in 5 weeks to start uni as well! Maybe we'll meet?

Blue Iris Rivera said...

and you are absolutely correct as pocky really are thee best


Anonymous said...

this is japanese!

curious constellation said...

Those look so good!

Lauren said...

yess they are japanese! china town in london sells lots of lovely chinese and japanese things :)


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