A couple of weeks ago I received the loveliest tote bag from Isobel Kho. I suggest you check out her blog because her Illustrations are really great and also has an etsy shop where you can get your own pieces of her work!

p.s. sorry i haven't updated in ages again! i've felt like i haven't really done much to post about lately so i don't want to be boring! check out my tumblr though because i'm on that quite often posting images and things that i like. :)


Isobel Kho said...

Aaah this made me smiile.
Thank you :) x

Liv Tucker said...

weird I know and went to two different unis with BOTH of you. x

vv said...

hey! i've just looked at you blog and i love it! great pictures.

please visit



Alex said...

Don't know her personally but I do like her blog!

And Liv that is a bit weird, you do know a few people. Got around a bit eh


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