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Metropolis is a film that I've wanted to see for quite a while now, mainly because of this image as I really love the look of the futuristic landscape and I'm hoping at the time the director based his idea on what he thought cities might look like today because it's interesting to see what people think the future might look like.

Again, I find fantasy type landscapes such as this very interesting to look at. This image reminds me of work by Salvador Dali.

Beirut are one of my favourite all time bands and I feel that illustration is very closely related with the music I like and listen to.

I've always liked looking at the detail within wood grain and I love the pattern work and colour scheme painted on these pieces of wood.

I love Charlie Chaplin's silent films and there's always something about slapstick comedy that I really enjoy.

I find the detail that can be seen in figure B very intriguing and almost reminiscent of map contours. Old anatomy illustrations such as this one are always so beautiful.

I also like old diagrams such as this one. I enjoy thinking about the solar system because it fascinates me how big it could possibly be and how it probably just carries on forever. It's quite scary in a way.

I've always had an interest in folklore and mythology. This is an example of a Macedonian folk lore costume and I absolutely love the pattern work of the cloth. From the collection of Stefni Agin, courtesy of miriammilgram.com.

I love how this illustration looks like it has been created out of fabric, this is something that I like to try and incorporate into my own work. This illustration is actually a detail from a glyph.

From having the experience of living in Asia one thing that I loved about it was the food packaging. All of the food packaging on asian food is always so different and interesting and this is something I really miss about being there.

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This is just a little blog post which is part of my holiday project for Camberwell. I enrol tomorrow and I'm really excited! Been living in London for the past week now and I've already had so much fun. I'm also going to be doing a pub window illustration with a friend for a music night in mile end so when I start doing that I'll post updates and pictures as it should be loads of fun!


Sarah said...

this is a great idea. i esp love the embellished bits of wood.

Lauren said...

thanks! i probably should do this kind of thing on here more often but i'm pretty awful at writing about why i like them! xx

Isobel Kho said...

Have fun at Camberwell!
My friend loves iiiit

Zanna Allen said...

Fritz Lang's Metropolis is a really good movie and it was way ahead of its time technically. Certainly something to be seen :) It's a great mix of romance, social commentary, melodramatic acting and sci-fi...something for everyone!


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