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Doukhobor Elevator

Doukhobor woman in her house, Gorelovka, Georgia


been given a new project about chairs... basically we had to pick one chair we found interesting and we have to go into great depth researching it. admittedly at first i really didn't like the idea of this because i don't find chairs/chair design particularly interesting... but i randomly found an good book in the library about folk furniture and started reading up about a small community of people called the Doukhobors (russian immigrants that moved to canada). for me this is a much more interesting thing to look in rather than the just chair itself but still there are elements of what they believe in that is shown in their furniture design, e.g. they were big believers in vegetarianism - therefore the decorative engravings into the wood of the chair were all based on natural forms etc. etc.

i quite like the fact that i've never actually heard of this group of people before because it'll make it much more interesting for me to research as i literally know nothing. above are some sketchbook pages that i've already done for this and a little collection of images and bits i've found whilst researching them that i like. hopefully you'll find them interesting too :)


curious constellation said...

This is brilliant, I always love finding out about things I didn't even know existed.

Lauren said...

yes me too! it's a good feeling xx

Angelina Ioannides-Beer said...

i really like your sketch books

Lauren said...

thankyou :)


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