off home for my christmas holiday break tomorrow! very very excited about this as I can't wait to be fed with nice properly cooked food (aka my mums/dads cooking and not mine) and watch crap tv and play with my pets it's gonna be great. it's also my birthday in 5 days but i'm really not excited about that as i'm going to be 19 and 19 is a really boring age. i do also have an essay to write and a project to finish doing but i won't talk about that right now.... so anyway thought i'd post some google street view pictures of the (kinda gloomy looking on street view) seaside town i live in, the last image is my house, the cream one on the right :)


DawnElizabethWilliams said...

Heey I live pretty near Folkstone in deal...I'm also thinking of applying to Camberwell to do illustration, what's it like there? Haven't been able to make it to an open day yet..would you recommend it? oh and by the way...I love your work :)

Lauren said...

Hey, oh cool! I would really recommend going to an open day to see whether you actually like the feel of it there or not, because places can be a lot different to what you expect them to be! I found this when I went on open days. But yeah Camberwell's amazing, so I would definitely recommend it, especially if you'd like to live in London. and thanks x

Lyndsay Buchanan said...

aww, your house looks so nice!


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