ho ho ho

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for following and reading my blog. Hope you all have a great holidays. I can't wait to eat my own weight in food, it's gonna be great hehe


curious constellation said...

Thanks for the lovely posts all year long. Your Christmas themed header is lovely.

Lauren Goddard said...

Have a rad Christmas Lauren!

Nana said...

Happy Holidays for you too XD Your drawings are so amazing. I can't believe I've only found out about your tumblr yesterday (and your blog today!).

Jessica said...

Happy holidays to you!
i just found your blog through Tumblr, and i love all your work. So vibrant and magical.
Do you sell prints ?
Anyhow, have a happy new year!

Lauren said...

thankyou! :) i'm going to open up an etsy shop soon hopefully selling prints and thingsss so when i do that'll be updated on here! x


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