very delayed budapest drawings






These are the observational drawings I did out and about when walking around with my group and tutors during the day. The last one is drawn from the top of the hill in Budapest where the castle is, it was SO cold that day.

Also whilst I'm doing a post thought I'd moan at how unorganised my stupid halls are. I've come home today to find a letter under my door telling me that my room along with several others are going to be repainted, it only states that it's happening on 'Wednesday January 2011' oh okay cheers mate that really helps me! This means it's probably going to be happening tomorrow, so basically i've been given not even a days notice to empty all of the stuff out of my room and put it into my shower room, this includes taking all of the photos and blutack off my walls and taking everything out of my wardrobe as well, and this is all happening despite the fact I've told them twice I don't want my room repainted. :( UNHAPPY


curious constellation said...

Wow, good luck with all the packing up.

Lauren said...

it's ridiculous! i've decided i'm going to protest and say i'm not moving my stuff haha x


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