st catherine of alexandria final pieces


on thursday I essentially finished first year! Just waiting for my assessment feedback and then I will be completely done. I think I'm going to set myself a few projects/hopefully get some zines printed and finally make an etsy shop to keep myself busy.

I found out the other day that someone had used one of my drawings to create a logo design that they were selling in their etsy shop (the person apologised and the listing has been taken down now), apparently they got the drawing from a free clip art pack on deviantart which I don't really understand. Obviously it's really flattering, but also pretty unfair that people can make money from things I have done without my permission but it seems there's not much I can do now really so oh well.


herecomesthesun said...

That's the scary thing about the internet- how quickly a photography or piece of art can be circulated and lose it's credit. I think that's why I find tumblr so hard, because no one bothers to give credit to the work they're displaying. Sorry to hear it happened to you!

Rhianne said...

oh man, that sucks, I've seen things like this a lot lately, I'm sorry it happened to you

Lauren said...

Yeah, tumblr really annoys me for that, I've seen my things around on it uncredited quite a few times. Websites like weheartit are also really bad because people never ever seem to put the credit on them when they post them on that website yet they have the time to tag it with all kinds of other things!


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