trying to get to a point where i'm happy with the drawings that i do off the top of my head as i've always felt that it's something i'm not brilliant at so i've been trying to do really quick drawings of whatever i think of first, just for fun really. these look really different to things i've drawn when i've been looking at a reference photo i'm hoping that's not a bad thing.
i also finally got a job which makes me happy! i now work at biscuiteers as a 'freelance biscuit cutter/icer/packager' although i don't think i'm trusted with icing the biscuits just yet as i've only worked there a week so far but it's fun nonetheless and i get to take the reject biscuits home mmmm


Veronika said...

I like those drawings, they are different to what you usually post here but I agree that's good.
I've been trying to do more drawing without any reference photo at all and find it really, really hard, but I always feel that it's really helping me get better at drawing more I do this kind of drawing so I'll keep going :)

Lauren Doughty said...

thankyou! :) yeah it's definitely the thing i find the hardest! i have to be in a very particular mood to draw like that. keep going though it gets easier for sure!


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