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a few more scans from my research sketchbook. out of the list of five outcomes we were told to choose from (GIFS, mural, pictograms, activity book, activity model) I've chosen to create an activity book/zine on my subject, as from trying to do my own research on it I've found that there's been a very small amount of books published on the subject, so I think it would be good to make one. We also had to choose an age group to aim this book at (age 4, age 8, age 12, age 16 and age 20), so mine is going to be aimed at 8 year olds I think, hopefully the subject of death is suitable enough for an 8 year old and not too heavy, I suppose we started learning about the Egyptians' death rituals from an early age. I'd quite like to further develop the scratchcard idea, and hopefully print some stickers which will be included with the book that can then be stuck onto the pages to finish off a missing element (or something like that).

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