pitt rivers museum second time round




behind on updates woops, before the christmas holidays we went as a class to the pitt rivers museum in oxford - i hadn't been there before and it's amazingg. we had to choose something from the 200,000 objects that were packed in the cabinets to base our Fact project on which is really cool yet quite difficult. I drew a few things that I kinda liked when we went but I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in there that I couldn't really pick the first time so I had to go back a second time. When I went back I noticed these small paper models of objects that originated from China in the Living and Dying section. Looking at them closely I realised that they're actually paper effigies that craftsmen make as a tradition to be burned at funerals to provide the deceased with the necessities of life. They believe that these objects get transmitted into the afterlife by fire. I really like the idea and how they were labelled so I decided to base my project on this.

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