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(E-flyer and logo by Rich and Jack)

Been busy working on preparations alongside Alice, Jack, Rich, Jazz, Freya, Titi, Daniel Draper and Dan Emo to get everything ready for our end of year exhibition titled 'Bi' at Mother London next week! The brief for the show is based all around the name 'Bi', so everyone has been looking into ideas like duality/doubles/binary/bi-cultural etc. etc. The visual identity of the show has been tied together by the idea of the print process called 'bichromie', of which the two colours Pink and Green were chosen.

Going to be a full 12 hour day of hanging everyones work on Tuesday, can't wait to see everything finished in the space! 

For my piece, I have been thinking about duplication/doubles. I guess my drawing has come from personal frustrations we've had when printing our comics anthology - ha! And shows the duplication process - I really wanted to show the idea of being able to see the inside and outside of a photocopier whilst it was running through the prints. I also wanted my drawing to have a (loose) sense of narrative, so its meant to be read starting at the reflected image in the mirror on the wall. It's also been printed on a risograph machine, so this further follows the idea of duplication as it's a duplicated image in itself.

Also been working on preparing a microsite for the exhibition, before the show opens, it currently has two images that people in the class have emailed in which have been inspiring for their project idea, along with a couple of sentances about their ideas. Once the show is hung and ready, me and Jazz will add photos of the class' finished hung pieces! Never really coded a website before, so this has been quite fun to try out, but at the same time a lot  more difficult than I first thought, seeing as I don't really know any css. Will be finished soon!

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