Holdiay Project

Illustration for my name. My family has this motto which goes with my surname (found it on my family tree) which basically means that the good times are coming.

place of birth
Place of birth. I was born in Singapore and lived there until I was about six or so. We lived there because my dad used to run some sort of company exporting fish. Singapore is also known as the largest exporter of ornamental fish.

My age. I'm 18 and whilst researching some things about my age I came across the fact that the number 18 used to be used as a code for Hitler.

Religion. I don't have any religious beliefs so I chose food heh heh.
date of beethoven
Date of birth. I have the same birthday as Beethoven! :)

more coming soon!


lauren may said...

oh i found your blog again thank goodness!

the link doesnt work from the dashboard, it says the blog doesnt exist anymore. or something like that!
maybe other people are having some problems getting to it aswell?

anyways love all the new posts! and the beetoven is my favourite :) hope camberwell is lovely!

Lauren said...

ohhh no really!! :( that's actually really annoyed me - i went to some people that follow me to see if the link works from their "following" links and it does, so strange that it doesn't work from dashboard! looks like i'm going to have to change it back to its original link :( arghhh stupid blogspot!

and thankyou :) xx

FFFUUUU said...

Haha, awesome, I have the same date of birth as Beethoven too!


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