Just a quick little snapshot of the view I get from my halls in New Cross (the buildings in the distance are Canary Wharf). At the end of our little flat there's a window which we 'adjusted' the latch on so we could open it up wide and climb out onto the little roof area outside, which no one else has access to... and no one else can really see you on it, so enjoying the thought of a little private balcony! When the weather has stopped being dreary and boring and grey I want to go out there and draw parts of the view because I can see all into the back of peoples houses etc. which I'm finding very interesting because I absolutely love being nosy.

p.s. started at camberwell on monday, it's so great there. very excited to get started on some proper projectss


amy said...

i live in new cross!! just behind sainsbury's. its the best!

Lauren said...

really?? i live like right next to sainsburys pretty much hahaha i can see it from my halls xx

i am sherwin said...

I think i saw you outside uni today actually when i was having a cig. how's your first week been? x


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