british museum project


been visiting so many museums! get's quite tiring but it's worth it in the end as i do feel that my location drawing is improving. for this trip it was to go drawing in the british museum. we had to look around and find things in the museum that we thought were related to a theme everyone was given. my theme was get drunk... going to be honest and say i struggled with this haha. we then had to produce an information sheet communicating our theme fit within in the template my tutor jim stoten designed. i'm not sure how happy i am with the final image but hopefully it does communicate properly.


Anonymous said...

need your email address cheers cant access it by your link. and your loving the wrong work from stuhlgang you should be loving another members.

Lauren said...

oh that's weird... my email is lauren.doughty@hotmail.com.
i like everyone's work from stuhlgang to be fair, it's all very good haha but show me what members i should be loving then!


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