cabaret performance

me and my group performing the Brothers Grimm story 'The Girl Without Hands'. Messed the end up a little bit where you can still hear us talking over the footage instead of just the music - oops! Video filmed by Freya, music created by M using mixes of Tchaikovsky and acting by Me, Fan Fan, Niki and Milo. Inspired by traditional silent films. It's quite shitty haha but it was fun and we had to film and edit all of this in one day because our first try of it all got accidentally deleted.


the tea drinking english rose said...

<3 it!
i miss uni.
i love love your illustrations! they make me miss foundation/uni. i loved it so much.

they also make me feel creative. (thank you)


Lauren said...

haha thankyou! it was all a bit of a disaster at first but i think luckily it worked out okay in the end.
and thanks :) i'm glad they make you feel creative! xxx


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