the hunterian museum


if you ever get the chance to go visit this museum i recommend it! as long as you're not squeamish...


amy said...

i went here last year! its amazing isn't it - and full of sexy boys drawing skulls in my experience, which is always good ha x

Isobel Kho said...
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Isobel Kho said...

The boys face in the jar was probably the worst thing I saw.
I also overhead one of the curators telling some people that they had a famous persons anus in jar? I did not look at it.

little l said...

I've most likely said it numerous times before, but, I love your illustrations. I love how much there is going on in your sketchbooks, the energy, and how varied it all is. Beautiful beautiful.

curious constellation said...

These drawings are so exquisite because they are so different.

Lauren said...

so amazing! sadly no sexy boys in my experience, just lots of fucking annoying little children haha.
Yeah the boys face is pretty awful, an anus in a jar?! That's so disgusting haha glad I missed out on that as well.
And thankyou so much :)


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