record design for Sapphire Slows

The other day I received the 7" record in the post that I did the artwork for, for an upcoming Japanese electro/psychedelic artist called Sapphire Slows, who is with Big Love records in Tokyo. The lighting in my room isn't the best so I'm having difficulty getting good photos of it. I was asked for the front cover to be of a girl, and the back cover could basically be anything I wanted which was fun! I also designed the stickers that are on the actual record itself, the pattern is taken from a sapphire. They also got some tote bags printed with the cat from the back cover on them which is really cool. I had to learn how to use Illustrator properly so I could overlay my drawings onto the templates they had sent me which is something I had never really had to think about before, and I now also understand what CMYK mode actually is because I literally didn't have a clue. Doing this has kind of made me want to start collecting records because I think it's a really nice way to collect art work, again something that I had never really thought much about before. I had a really fun time doing it and working with Big Love records and it's the first time I've ever seen my work properly printed like this which I'm just really really excited about. Visiting Japan would be a dream.


Anonymous said...

wow lauren these are ahmazing! you;re doing so well. much love xxxx

Lauren Doughty said...

hiii! ohh thankyou :) your blog is lovely! look how far you've come with your nail art hahaha xxxx


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