Waterslide Comic

I don't think I ever got round to posting my final comic on here, so here it is printed in book form. I kept the idea simple because at the time when I was planning it, drawing in this way was completely new to me, so I was more practicing the construction of a narrative image, as this was something I  felt I struggled with when I was responding to the fiction project earlier on in second year. It also means that the quality of my drawing got quite messy in places, something that I can now refine, the drawings in my sketchbook tend to be much neater and more confident. I went a bit colour mad in this too as I was starting to experiment with risograph printing techniques, which I'm excited to continue doing but I'm interested in how I can maybe create more subdued colours through the print process. The gag is pretty silly, no doubt a reflection of my sense of humour haha. 

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